Olay Professional Pro-X Hydra Firming Cream Anti Aging review

Olay is one of the most trusted brands in the beauty industry—not to mention, one of the leading names when it comes to addressing several skin-aging dilemmas of women.

When they came out with this Olay Professional Pro-X Hydra Firming Cream, I instantly jumped and tried it out in the hopes of really lessening the wrinkles on my skin and making it look much firmer, especially in my neck area.

olay professional pro x neck firming cream


Let me start out by saying that this is perhaps the closest thing to a miracle treatment that I’ve ever encountered in firming my skin on my face and neck area.

I know that’s a bit farfetched to begin with because completely combating the effects of skin aging entails a lot of factors involved such as exercise, proper nutrition and hydration, and a good regular skin regimen, among many others.

But Olay’s Pro-X Hydra Firming Cream definitely lives up to its promise and really does the job on top of my regular skincare routine, which also includes other Olay products as well.

Silky Feel

For starters, it had this silky feel—not too light and watery and not too heavy and thick as well. It was so easy to spread it onto my face going to my décolletage area.

That silky feel also lends to it being so easily absorbed into my skin without leaving that greasy after-feel that some creams and lotions have.

olay professional pro x neck firming cream boxbuy-amazon

Even just for this factor, I’m already impressed with this product. It’s definitely great for any skin type, even with mine being dry.

Thoroughly Moisturizes

I do stand by Olay moisturizers in general and this one is no exception to that.

It does help in locking in moisture, keeping my skin feeling so supple and smooth, in addition to feeling much firmer and elastic as well. Truthfully though, I still use another moisturizer with this product but that’s just me.

I do think that the Pro-X Hydra Firming Cream can be a standalone moisturizer.

Firmer Face & Neck Area

I admit that I don’t have it as bad as others when it comes to fine lines, wrinkles, and loose skin—but I do have it.

Taking on this Olay product is a means of treating the existing signs of skin aging, as well as preventing the appearance of more.

After using it for a month or so, I did feel the skin on my face and neck area feel a bit much firmer than it did before.

I do intend to continue using this product and see how much progress and improvement it can do for my skin.

olay professional pro x neck firming cream size



But so far, I don’t have any complaints with its promise of delivering a much firmer and younger-looking skin.

Works Well With Other Skincare Products

Sometimes, I hate it when some skincare products don’t go so well with one another, especially if they’re not from the same brand.

olay professional pro x neck firming cream box


I’m more than ecstatic that Olay has never failed me in that aspect and has continued to work wonders even with other beauty brands that I’ve been using for a long time.

It does make for a great addition to the family, contributing to keeping my skin in good condition.

Addresses Other Skin Problems

 More than addressing fine lines and wrinkles, as well as the loss of elasticity and firmness of the skin, this product is just as effective and amazing in smoothing out uneven skin texture, removing rough patches, and transforming dry and flaky skin as well.

Olay has well established itself as a brand that truly knows how to address women’s issues with regards to skin aging.

It’s no surprise how it’s become a massive success all around the world—as well as a skincare brand that I’ve come to truly trust in caring for my skin.

olay professional pro x neck firming cream


With this exquisite product of theirs, I really have come to adore them even more so. It’s like a miracle in a jar and definitely one of the best firming creams in my book.

I highly recommend the Olay Professional Pro-X Hydra Firming Cream for women who are looking for a seriously effective beauty treatment when it comes to easing the appearance of wrinkles, as well as making the skin much firmer and younger looking.

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